St. Thomas Academy Senior Secondary CBSE School

St.Thomas Mount, Chennai-600016

CBSE Affiliation No: 1931108

Home Motto of School


As our school motto stands “Aspiring for Excellence “it is an apt theme applied to our institution called St. Thomas Academy Senior Secondary CBSE School. Here we strive for excellence in every field like student assessment, student involvement, and social accountability, holistic development of the student, faculty development and reproduction in learning. Excellence requires enormous effort. We push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. We don’t compare ourselves with others instead we use others success as our motivation. We focus on our unique goals and unique idea of excellence and we work on it to achieve. We also make our students to accept mistakes. In our institution we focus on the process and results for we know excellence cannot be achieved in a hurry but through hard work, planning and strategies will help us to reach excellence. We the Thomasians not compromising with the values of our lords teaching and imbibing the modern ideas and technology in our education system, together march forward towards “Aspiring for Excellence”.